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Coxeer ® 13 Inch Roman Numerals Vintage Chic World Map Decorative Wall Clock

#174; 13 Inch Roman Numerals Vintage4 Star Rating
174 13 Inch Roman Numerals Vintage
#174 13 Inch Roman

The #174 13 Inch Roman , a great antique clock made by Coxeer® is a fantastic solution in the event you shopping to buy a brand new clock for the Home! 709317158083 is the UPC barcode (Universal Product Code) for this item. One of the several key features for these clocks is the operates on a highly accurate quartz movement. Other features consist of takes 1 aa battery, not included, 13-inch in diameter and retro style world map. Should you need a great deal for this clock, click on our affilate add to shopping cart button.

What's the #174; 13 Inch Roman Numerals Vintage? coxeer roman numerals vintage chic world

Manufacturer: Coxeer®
UPC: 709317158083


Description: Design: Roman Numerals design -The clock is unframed, and there's no glass face as the cover. -There are slight difference amongst the picture and the true item due to light brightness. -Package Contents: 1 x wall clock


  • Dial Movement: Quartz Movement, more quiet
  • Takes 1 AA battery, not included
  • 13-inch in diameter
  • Operates on a highly accurate quartz movement
  • Retro style world map

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